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AI Invoice Bot
Smart Invoice Management through AI

Our state-of-the-art AI-powered Invoice Bot effortlessly processes various types of documents and fonts, accurately captures all essential data such as recipient, sender, and payment information, even from low-quality scans, and integrates them in a structured manner into your systems – for fast and efficient document processing.

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Extract all Data from Invoices

  • Powerful Text Recognition:
    Effective recognition and processing of scans, even when they are not in perfect condition.
  • Extraction of Positional Data:
    Capability for comprehensive content analysis, including the extraction of control and positional data.
  • Structuring and Value Assignment:
    Precise allocation of values to data with determination of the confidence level of each piece of information.
  • Automated Invoice Processing
    Efficient and precise handling of all invoice types through cutting-edge AI technology.
  • Precise AI-Powered Data Extraction
    Reliable capture of core and detailed information such as payment data.
  • Robust AI Reading
    Secure processing of challenging scans and font types.
  • Structured JSON Data Integration
    Easy and structured integration into your system landscape.

Your AI-Powered Invoice Workflow with bots4you