Jetzt unverbindlich testen!

Simply call our landline number 02680/7944899 and experience how our AI Answering Machine records and replays messages.

No sales calls, no employee interaction, no registration required, no hidden agendas

just a transparent insight into the capabilities of our trusted AI technology.



  • 24/7 Transcription Service:
    The Answering Machine provides a 24/7 service to convert voice messages into text, allowing for immediate written documentation of all incoming calls.

  • Intelligent Speech Recognition:
    Sophisticated algorithms ensure accurate transcriptions that understand dialects and industry-specific terminology.

  • Automatic Transcript Forwarding:
    Automatic forwarding of transcribed phone calls to predefined email inboxes or other internal systems.

  • Message Filtering and Prioritization Capability:
    The bot analyzes and prioritizes incoming messages based on urgency and topic.

  • Support for Multiple Languages:
    The Voicebot can recognize and transcribe calls in various languages.

  • Statistics and Reports:
    Detailed reports on call volume.